Universal Docking Stations for the Changing World of Work

As more businesses reopen following global pandemic restrictions, it's becoming increasingly apparent that computer and laptop users need a holistic work set up to be productive and efficient over the long-term.

ALOGIC is excited to deliver solutions with the release of its new docking stations, the DX2 and DX3.

Both docks feature a panoply of extra ports. They have special significance at a time when businesses are testing new water with remote work, hybrid working models and scaled returns to the office.


In recent years, a growing number of businesses have
eschewed proprietary docks – docks designed to work
exclusively with specific laptop models – in favour of
universal docks.


Although docking stations are a great way to make remote and mobile workforces more productive, not all docking stations are made equal.

Many, in fact, are limited in compatibility, resolution support, connectivity to different accessories, price and appearance.

The DX2 and DX3, on the other hand, are premium – and affordable – alternatives.

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Docking Stations for All


In recent years, a growing number of businesses have eschewed proprietary docks – docks designed to work exclusively with specific laptop models – in favour of universal docks. Businesses and employees seeking to accommodate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, deployment of various laptop brands and hot desking or desk hoteling are big beneficiaries of universally compatible docks, which accommodate all kinds of laptops.

Our DX2 and DX3 docking stations are compatible across Windows, Mac (including M1 Mac) and Chromebook computers and laptops, along with USB-C and USB-A computers.

When one employee unplugs from the DX2/DX3 at a communal office desk, another can plug in with their laptop and get straight to work.


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But the full value of universally compatible docks such as the DX2 and DX3 also becomes increasingly apparent over the lifecycle of the docks.

Proprietary docks are frequently obsolete once businesses deploy new laptop models and brands.

This is a costly issue for businesses to reckon with, considering how frequently employees switch laptops and how frequently businesses hire new employees.

DX2 and DX3 docks can live on well beyond the lifespan of the first laptop you pair them with.



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The DX2 and DX3 to transform productivity


Docking stations also have a big part to play in how you work in the office or at home too.

The DX2 can connect up to two external displays at up to 4K resolutions via its twin display ports. The DX3 can run up to three external displays at up to 4K resolutions (the available resolution of the third video output will depend on the capabilities of the computer connected to the dock).


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That's a big advantage for productivity, according to research organisation Jon Peddie Research, which found that people who use multiple monitors have an average expected productivity improvement of 42%.

ALOGIC's docking stations enable you to maintain flow and speed as you view multiple windows without needing to pull them up amongst the multiple tabs on a single display. The crisp resolution our docking stations support is also a great advantage for people who need to edit images, create quality multimedia content and visual design work.


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Up to 100W power delivery for your laptops


Laptop users can also connect to the DX2/DX3 to fast-charge their device while they run multiple displays and various standard peripherals.

That's a big help to productivity today. After all, in today's highly mobile workforce, you need to be productive in all kinds of places – trains, cafes, parks and the rest.

If your device isn't powered, you can't work. And the longer it takes to charge your device, the more susceptible you are to a flat battery.

The DX2 and DX3 docking stations won't let that happen. Connect with them to charge your device in as little as a few hours.

More major benefits with the DX2 and DX3


The benefits of the DX2 and DX3 don't end there, however.

The docking station is ideal for end users who value the aesthetic appeal of modern docking stations.

While various docking stations today have boxy and utilitarian appearances, the DX2/DX3 is a robust docking station with a smooth metal finish in elegant space grey and black colours. It looks great on any desk.

Laptop owners who relish an orderly workspace can mount their docks discretely using the Vesa Mount screw holes. The two different lock slots also allow to secure the dock in a public space where security is a concern.


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As disruption and change continues to play out in the workplace, technology that can deliver stability and productivity has an increasingly important role to play.

The DX2 and DX3 is a simple but effective solution.

Want to see how a docking station can make your life simpler and more efficient every day? Learn more about ALOGIC's DX2 & DX3 docking stations today.


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