New ALOGIC Packaging Simplifies Recycling for Households and Businesses

ALOGIC's Elements Generation 2 cable and adapter packages make recycling easy.

This April, ALOGIC announced its Elements Generation 2 series of cables and adapters is its first to feature 100% recyclable packaging.

As we stated, 2022 heralds a new chapter of sustainability for ALOGIC.

But it heralds a new chapter for our customers too.

The Elements Generation 2 range is the start of ALOGIC's broader switch to user-friendlier recycling experiences for our customers.

As we've seen in the run up to Australia's recent Federal Election, majority Australia acknowledges the long-term economic benefits of acting on the climate crisis trumps the costs.

However, as ALOGIC's product manager Cameron Hewitt tells, creating sustainable packaging solutions doesn't happen overnight.

In fact, ALOGIC's road to launching the Elements Generation 2 packaging has been long.

"From embarking on our drive to eliminate single-use packaging for these new products, to the point where we had them on the shelf, it took two years and hundreds of team hours designing, sampling, testing, and refining the new packaging," says Cameron.

"Some innovations, such as our easy-tear zip opening and lay-flat design… took dozens of iterations to get to the point where we were happy with the way the packaging performs."

Figures shared by Plastic Oceans show the planet produces 380 million tons of plastic per year.

Some estimates indicate that up to half of that plastic is for single-use life.

PET [polyethylene terephthalate], one plastic commonly used to make single-use products including soft drinks, juices, and water, is popular for manufacture because it is abundant, convenient, and cheap.

ALOGIC's challenge with the Elements Gen 2 range was to conceive alternative packaging that is recyclable but also practical, affordable, and user-friendly for businesses and households to recycle.

As Cameron explains, commercial enterprises who deploy office equipment and technologies at scale face a considerable challenge to responsibly manage large packaging volumes.

"We hope that all customers will make the best use of these innovations for the sake of the planet and all of us, present and future."

– Cameron Hewitt, ALOGIC product manager.

"Our cables are often chosen for use in large-scale commercial deployments," says Cameron. "When dealing with thousands of cables, managing waste becomes a significant factor for customers."

ALOGIC's new generation of Elements cables originated out of our vast experience producing hundreds of thousands of power, data, and display cables for customers to install in their homes and professional environments.

ALOGIC worked extensively with packaging factories to design and test ways to package the latest Elements range.

In its commitment to 100% recyclable packing, the team even designed paper hanging hooks as alternatives to plastic ones.

"We are keen to do our part," Cameron says. "We envisage that we've lowered the bar for customers to deposit used packaging into recycling schemes for recovery and reuse, and we hope that all customers will make the best use of these innovations for the sake of the planet and all of us, present and future."

Find out more about the Elements Generation 2 Series of cables and adapters here.

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