Innovative and useful ways to help maximise limited Desk Space

These days as per the modern styling of workplaces which adheres to small office spaces, the scope of having a huge work desk has reduced. Employees need to get acquainted with a limited work desk space that would keep up with their productivity and not affect their efficiency in any way.

Another solution adopted by organizations to save office space is Agile seating or as we now call it ‘Hotdesking’, this culture believes in adopting a non-assigned seating model, the challenging task here would be to every time connect and disconnect multiple gadgets and display systems as one moves to a new work desk.

To help cope with both the issues, we are providing you with some basic tips and product suggestions that maximises the usage of this limited space while keeping the requirement of your office essentials in mind.

1. Move from Analog to Digital

You can make a habit of using Digital platforms more than the Analog ones. Try switching to writing notes and putting up reminders on your cell phone or laptop rather than putting it out on a physical diary.

The advantage being, Digital platforms are better organized, it is easier to find them, they can be linked over multiple devices and they do not pile up or take away any of your extra space.

2. Shrink the Device Size

Switch to smaller devices such as a laptop or a tablet that you can easily move or put it away, so that you can maximize your desk space availability. Get rid of any extra or unnecessary gadgets such as a personal printer, check if there could be an alternative that could be used.

3. Use a Docking station to connect multiple devices

ALOGIC introduced its 2nd generation of the Dock Nano, the USB-C MacBook Dock Nano Gen 2 featuring HDMI output, slot for SD & Micro SD card reader, two USB-C ports, one supporting charging of the laptop with simultaneous data transfer, and the other supporting USB 3.1 data speeds.
What makes this Dock different is that it has a very small footprint to be used easily on a desk or even as a perfect travel companion, additionally it is made to blend really well with your laptop, making it appear as an extended version of it.

4. Set up a Remote Desktop connection

Set up a remote desktop connection with your work laptop, that way you would never be bounded to your desk.
Also, if monotony is not your thing, this works the best for you, as you can work productively sitting in a coffee shop or in your conference room too.
Being mobile would also give you bigger desk whenever your task requires lot of desk space.

5. Add a Multi-Device Wireless and Charging Station to your gadget list

How about a single Charging station that lets you connect and charge up to four devices at the same time?

Then the ALOGIC Power Hub Multi-Device Wireless & Charging Station is exactly what you are looking for, this Hub features wireless charging for two Qi-enabled devices or wireless earphones while connecting two more devices on either of its USB-C and USB-A ports.

The Hub is visually elegant and made with superior quality materials, it comes in a sleek design which can complement well with your office desk and helps remove all the excess desk clutter.

6. Adopt innovative storage solutions and spaces

Old plastic containers, shoe boxes, large office supplies or project materials can work as storage boxes to keep away your extra files, folders or even basic stationary materials. You can collect all the items together, place it in a box and tuck it away below your desk, the space below your desk is the most unnoticed and unused one, which works best during such space management crisis.

7. Add miniature plants to the desk

Now this might seem as an unnecessary addition on the already lesser space, but plants have an added advantage.
Apart from the obvious ‘feel good’ aura that it provides, they help create an illusion of larger space and subtle atmosphere.

Some minimal changes and innovative solutions would make you get more acquainted and acceptable towards having a smaller workspace, you can always add little décor and creative desk accessories to make your little space more lively!

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