Ever had to fight over who can charge their phone? Grab the 4 in one USB charger and charge freely

Ultra-Powerful:• The ALOGIC 4 Port USB Desktop Charger is a powerhouse and outputs 36W of power from its 4 ports for charging multiple devices at once.

Smart Charge Technology:

• ALOGIC's Smart Charge Technology allows the charger to detect the maximum power your device needs and limits the current to a maximum of 2.4A per port to keep the device safe and charge at the fastest possible rate.

Elegant Design:

• The ALOGIC 4 Port USB Charger has a small footprint housed in an Aluminium enclosure. The charger comes included with a velcro strip to fix it in place and facilitate one-handed plugging and unplugging.

• It features horizontally positioned ports with a slight angle for ergonomic use. All USB ports are sufficiently spaced making the charger suitable for many different types of accessories.

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